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Discover the Secrets to Creating a New Life of Success, Wealth & Happiness...
"How to Achieve Your Goals & Ambitions Using Simple Strategies In Your Day to Day Life For Lasting and Sustainable Health, Wealth, Happiness & Success!"

From the Desk of Jeremy Gislason

Dear Aspiring Entreprenur, 

Do you find yourself hitting walls at every turn? Struggling to get up in the morning... getting to work late? Every day just turns out to be another big disappointment?

And what about the dreams you had for yourself? You sacrifice every day for the right and the wrong reasons. And though you may work very hard you still find yourself spinning your wheels for years.

Until one day - you wake up and realize - all that struggling and living paycheck to paycheck has left you with nothing...

Here's How to Change Your Fortune Starting Today!

There is a way out - you can do it in only one hour a month, - you can do it on the drive home, and for less then you spend on quick lunch break...

Read on to discover what's possible with MindMap to Riches...


If you are able to read this letter - you have all that it takes to change your life and your world today.

The material I am about to share with you has turned around the lives of everyone it touches, and molded a few millionaires - but that was their individual goal...

You may simply want to drive a better car, wake up feeling alive and excited, come home each day to smiling faces, find fortune or love. You can have it all...

Create a New Life of Success, Wealth, and Happiness

Now, I am sharing my secrets in "Mindmap to Riches":


You'll learn to...

Achieve your goals and ambitions using simple strategies in your day to day life.

Imagine developing a meaningful purpose in life that you're genuinely excited about.

Think like someone who has already achieved wealth and success.

Discover how to reach your goals and fulfill your highest potential

Live happily by harnessing the power of your mind.

Unlock the awesome potential of your mind and transform your dreams into reality.

Uncover the secrets to gaining confidence in everything you do... and quit your job forever

Simple techniques to eliminate the fear holding you back.

Inspire your mind to create and attract success to you - like a powerful magnet

Discover the amazing “Mental Mapping” techniques to help you make better decisions.

Realize there are no limitations to what you can accomplish.

Revealed: How to develop laser sharp focus and attention.

Fix your life on the drive home with the included audio version!

Do you want a drastic change in your life and time just will not permit? This life changing book - Mindmap to Riches is now in complete audio-book format. Download today and begin the journey to success on the ride home. Click the play button below to listen to a sample taken from Chapter 1 of Mindmap to Riches:


Take Action Right Now And Get Instant Access

MindMap to Riches
Vol 1:
How to Create Lasting And
Sustainable Wealth Online

 Inside this success book you'll ...

Learn to create real success by redefining this on your internal belief map

discover the one thing a business owner should make the soul focus of his websites

Find fulfillment - the true role of an entrepreneur

How to create a vision statement for an unwavering foundation

How to create a mission statement to keep customers delighted 

Tips for writing successful, sustainable business goals - creating a compass

How to end procrastination and take action on your plans now

Discover which "kind" of action creates lasting success with minimal effort

Which is better small step or large leap changes, the answer may shock you

How to determine your "action personality"- being aligned with this can shoot you into overnight success

Techniques to escape your comfort zone for action leaps

Determining which action style exercise to be your best

How to find your core passion and how to focus on only the profitable skills

How to get around the BIG skills you don't have, this little taught trick can save you time and money

How to find the best way to apply your strengths to your business

Why passion is so important in business

A detailed checklist to build fire for your true life passion

Tips for creating a profitable business based on your passion

What marketing really is, and how to use it to gain easy success

What a marketing system is and a step by step guide to building one

The secret to creating unbeatable USP's- an exercise

Step by step instructions to create a killer marketing strategy

What the "core purpose" of marketing is

8 fail-safe questions to ask when creating a marketing strategy

What a "road map" business plan is & how it out performs normal business plans

A quick fix to make your business plan versatile and avoid future roadblocks

How to choose the right business model for you

The 3 most important questions to answer if your in a service based business, and what can happen if you should fail

How to survive in a product based business, this tactic could make or break you

How to get paid month after month from the same clients

How to make money without a product or service

How to adapt and change your plans to promote growth and expansion

The #1 most important point of focus when building a business - you will fail without this

Four quick ways to build a responsive list

How to keep customers loyal despite the competitions offers

Why people buy - how being yourself is your greatest asset

How to show who you really are - Two ways to connect and communicate with your customers

The key to continued success - this little known focal point can be the turning point for your business

Determining your hourly value, is that task really worth your time

How to evaluate the value of your time - exercise

The key to effective time management

What you really need to know to automate and outsource pain-free

The two things you need to know before outsourcing, save yourself the legal hassle

How to make objectives more then dreams using step goals

What to split test on a piece of ad copy

How to get the ultimate ads for free

Multi-variant testing and how to tell when its a success

Where to go when your ready to test and how to set everything up free

How to tell where your system is working and where its not

Success is almost impossible if your missing this element

The Five goal exercise to create true success

The tools and resources you need to run a tight ship

Finally - someone has stepped up and revealed the real truth, insights and ROADMAP for making big money online.

I've been online since 1995 and on my journey from newbie to million I've read thousands of ebooks, courses and training materials but it's fair to say that Jeremy's MindMap to Riches series is at the top of the pile.

Not only do you show people WHAT they need to do to rapidly create their own online empire, you also take them by the hand and show them HOW to do it.

You leave no stone un-turned and make the sometimes difficult task of bringing in large profits simply a case of joining the dots.

Anyone wanting to make money online needs to own, devour and worship these books. If you get these books and follow the simple steps there's no reason why you can' be massively successful online and have your own hands-free income coming in, fast.

A massive congratulations to you Jeremy for creating an instant classic that is both high value and high octane and will get readers high level earnings as a result. 10 out of 10!
Michael Cheney

If you want to be rich, successful and happy - it all starts with yourself first. If you don't believe in yourself, nothing will happen.

Mindset is perhaps the MOST important element in achieving financial freedom but hardly anyone talks about it!

"Mindmap to Riches" is a long time coming - but it's not too late for you. Get it, read it, apply it...your life will change.

Ewen Chia

You'll find a quote inside this book that most people can apply to their lives - it says: "We are limited, not by our abilities, but by our vision." And while you may have a passion for business and a burning desire to be successful those two alone are rarely ever enough to give you the ability to live your life on your terms, to make a difference, or to be truly happy.

Financial success doesn't guarantee to create a rewarding life, in fact for many, it brings poverty of the soul but you'll discover the secrets to creating the right balance in these pages...

... Yes "Mind Map to Riches" offers a clear plan to achieving huge financial rewards but it does it with a conscience, and with great thought to your ultimate well-being and happiness - Take some time to read this book - because frankly your life depends on it.
Simon Hodgkinson

Jeremy, I always appreciate everything you offer but I must say that your "Mindmap to Riches" series are GEMS indeed.

In fact I'd suggest them as a necessary reading to all aspiring marketers and also to professionals, and I must say that you find me fully aligned to what you suggest inside.

Added to the "to-read" list for my mentorees!

Well-well done indeed Jeremy

John Delavera

When people ask me what the 'secret' to my success is I tell them the answer is simple...While having the right tools, resources and contections are important I'd say THE MOST important thing any Entrepreneur needs to have is the 'Right Mindset'.

Once you have your mindset focused on success, everything else will follow. Call it the law of atraction or positive thinking or whatever you want to call it but I call it 'Thinking Like a Millionaire' and that is exactly what the new Mindmap to Riches series will teach you.

I have added this to my own library of must have books and I recommend you do the same.

Run, don't walk and make sure you get your copy today!
Michael Rasmussen


Hey Jeremy,

I've always had a lot of respect for you and the way you conduct your business.

In fast as one of your affiliates you've always paid me on time and bent over backwards to help me out.

Your new ebook series definitely helps reveal the *core* secrets of running a million dollar business and is very step by step.

I think people will get a TON of useful information out of it.

Andrew Fox


If there's one thing I see day in and day out is that too many people go into business online without a real plan. Your new book is what I'll be telling them to download.

It gives them the roadmap they need for long-term financial security online.

Jim Daniels

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As you can see these guides can easily sell for $97 or more - BUT NOT TODAY!

I have never shared these secrets before and could have easily sold this as a high priced course or coaching program for thousands of dollars. But because I want to help you succeed I am going to expose these money making secrets to YOU at the lowest price possible. So I am lowering the price without sacrificing the value. A new mind set for success can be your for an affordable - $47.00 $27.00.


Get the MindMap to Riches a Priceless Value

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And The Bonus Audio book Version

Only $47.00 $27.00 OR Tweet n it's Free

I'm sure your wondering why I would just give away this awesome value... Well for one I want to spread this "life-altering knowledge to as many as I can. You see I'm happy to give you this offer for free because on average, 100 more people will get to see this page if you tweet about it. And that's a fair swap.

(Twitter is a safe, secure social bookmarking site, and for helping us get the word out about MindMap to Riches - we will give you "MindMap to Riches", the mindmaps and the Audio-book version absolutely free. Just Fill out the simple form below and you'll instantly be directed to your free copy and audio of MindMap to Riches.)


Order today and you'll also receive New Bonus MindMaps to compliment the Mindmap to Riches Book and Audio

Or Tell your Twitter Followers Using the Form Below - And I'll Give You Access Now!


To your success!

Jeremy Gislason

P.S. P.S. "Life is a checkerboard, and the player opposite you is TIME. If you hesitate before moving, or neglect to move promptly, your men will be wiped off the board by TIME. You are playing against a partner who will not tolerate INDECISION!"

- Napoleon Hill "Think and Grow Rich"

P.P.S. If you haven't achieved the success you want today, you can be well on your way by tomorrow. Check out Mindmap to Riches today, with a 60 day money back guarantee - Act Now and Start Your Transformation for Success!

"You can learn to acquire vast amounts of wealth by learning to think like the men  and women who have already achieved wealth and success". - Napoleon Hill

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